Contract Law: Hamilton Bancshares, Inc. v. Leroy


Appellate Court of Illinois, Fourth District. Reversed and remanded. Mar 29, 1985 131 Ill. App. 3d 907 (Ill. App. Ct. 1985) Hamilton Bancshares, Inc. v. Leroy OPINION OF THE COURT       JUSTICE McCULLOUGH delivered the opinion of the court: Plaintiff brought this action for specific performance of two stock purchase options. Under each

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Contract Law: Hamer v Sidway


Court of Appeals of New York Argued February 24, 1981 Decided April 14, 1891 124 NY 538 Hamer v Sidway [*544] OPINION OF THE COURT PARKER, J. The question which provoked the most discussion by counsel on this appeal, and which lies at the foundation of plaintiff's asserted right of recovery, is whether by virtue of

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