Day 60+ - Motions, Mediation

Each side files motions preparing for trial. The motions can be filed include a Motion to Dismiss and Motion for Summary Judgment. If a party successfully files one of these types of motions, they can effectively win their case without going to trial. However, the requirements for winning one of these motions is different than winning at trial. Most Motions for Summary Judgment are argued by the lawyers for each side without the actual parties being present.

While these motions add to the cost of a lawsuit, a Motion for Summary Judgment can be an effective way to win your case.


Mediation is another method for ending a lawsuit without going to trial. During a mediation, the parties attempt to find a mutually agreeable compromise to ending the lawsuit. The lawyers and the parties are at the mediation. A mediation can take many hours or even a full day.

If a mediation is successful, then the parties can end their lawsuit. If the mediation does not resolve the dispute, the parties will continue to prepare to go to trial.